aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Happy pre-birthday

Deanne's birthday is Sunday. Anna and family could not come down for cake and such. But I had an errand I had to run to the north side of Indy today, so Deanne asked if she could come along. We invited Anna and the grandcubs to meet us for lunch at the Claddagh on 96th St.

I got my errand in Castleton done quickly and we buzzed on up to 96th St. It's a strange neighborhood. The Yuppie Triangle, I guess you could call it, there in between Castleton, Fishers, and Carmel. It seems like it's almost rural, except for the strip malls peddling yuppie lifestyle goods and services (yoga, hot tubs, grooming salons, dentists, and LOTS of expensive-looking restaurants/bars).

We had a very nice lunch. Service was a bit chaotic, but it was Friday noon, so I was inclined to cut the staff some slack. The boys enjoyed climbing on the settle up against the window. They behaved pretty well in an otherwise adult environment. The food was good, even if the courses got a little mixed up in the serving. In the end, we decided to order only two desserts and split them. But then our waitress offered to buy us a third dessert to make up for the slow service (not that we had complained); then the manager came over and asked us, pointedly, how the service was (our waitress was apparently very new) -- and then comped us the dessert. The waitress fixed our check to reflect this new reality, and then gave us another dessert. We finally struggled through two servings of bread pudding, a slice of apple pie with ice cream, and a slice of carrot cake. The bill was much less than I expected; I tipped generously.

Anyway, we all had fun. Daniel and James were making up to Granny throughout the meal. And she ate it up. And so Anna returned to the frozen north and we wended our way back to E-ville.


James and Deanne
A happy boy is one full of french fries


James helps Granny with her glasses
Photobomb by Daniel

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