aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

So, about those playoffs

This weekend, the NFL starts its playoff. Over on the AFC side, I kinda suspect the Ravens will beat Pittsburgh. The Steelers can be spotty, and the Ravens are hungry. But that would mean the Ravens get to play New England, who will simply bake them in a pie.

Cincinnati vs. the Colts is a harder call. The Colts have been up and down of late, but I still think they've got the goods, and they're playing at home. Call this one for Indy; however, the road forward leads through Denver, and I don't see Indianapolis winning in Mile High.

This sets up a Patriots-Broncos matchup for the Conference title. In New England. But if Peyton's on his game and the Broncos are hungry enough, they could whip Brady's boys, even at home. So, that's my prediction: Denver in the Super Bowl for the AFC.

On the NFC side, we have a best-of-the-worst matchup when the Cards play the Panthers. Still, the Panthers are at home, and things are going well for them right now. I see them actually winning this game. They would then go on to Seattle, where the Legion of Boom will stuff and mount them on the wall.

The Lions get to play the Cowboys, which means the Cowboys get to play Green Bay. In Green Bay. Injuries could matter a lot in this one, but I see Green Bay holding on.

That means Green Bay playing for the Conference championship in Seattle. Devoted Packer fan that I am, I don't think that's happening this year. So: Seahawks in the Super Bowl for the NFC.

All of which would set up a Super Bowl rematch of Seattle vs. Denver, which Seattle ought to win. Unless. One more time. Can he do it? Can they do it? My brain says the 'Hawks are unbeatable right now; my heart says that Peyton's got one more in him. If the Broncos are healthy going in, I think they can win.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it (for now).

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