aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A merry family Christmas gathering

Well, the whole family is upon us. I am beginning to climb out of Teh Awful, but Deanne is just reaching the depths. Still, it's fun to have everybody here.

I was half stoned on lack of sleep when I made the food. I even wound up using a funky set of measuring spoons which included (oops) a half-tablespoon measure. Still, I lucked out. The venison pot pie (traditional Merrie English and all) was wonderful, with its biscuit crust. The persimmon pudding (unimpeachably traditional Hoosier) was made with honey and was perfectly moist.

christmas feast

Christmas Feast
Venison pot pie, persimmon pudding

After dinner came the opening of family gifts. Daniel got his own copy of Candyland, which had to be played immediately. Guess who won.

Meanwhile, Anna and Brian and Zach and I played Brian's new Zombie Dice game, where you try to collect brains before getting blown away with shotgun blasts.


Who cares if it teaches all the wrong values?

In addition, Granny had a special treat for the cubs. Bubble wrap! Trust her to know what a boy will like.

the joys of christmas

The joys of Christmas
Little boys stomping bubble wrap

Deanne is now upstairs, napping. I took a short nap, but woke up coughing. I was also a bit chilly. So now I'm posting stuff online while people watch TV or otherwise goof off.

Have a merry Christmas! We're only on day 3, you know!

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