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Another good turn

Good works multiply themselves. In distributing the leftover money from the donations we received for the Tenke Jamboree, we sent $1200 to Daniel Mumba, Tenke DS, to provide one of his pastors with a motorcycle. This will allow one of the parsonage families of the District to supplement their income by providing taxi service in the villages, as well as helping the pastor to do his pastoral work.

Mumba has several more pastors who could benefit from motorcycles. Salary for pastors is low; parsonage families must raise much of their own food by farming in addition to doing church work. And in a family-based social structure, the parsonage family lacks some basic support, since they are typically living in a village away from their extended family. Hence, the need to provide a means of earning some cash is really important.

Mumba sent the attached photo this week, along with the thanks of the District. It shows him with the motorcycle purchased with funds provided by Indiana United Methodist Scouts and Scouters. If you would like to help fill a similar need, you can contact us, and we'll put you in contact with Bob Walters over at Friendly Planet Missiology. He works directly with Mumba and other leaders in the North Katanga episcopal area.

Tenke moto

Ready for Service

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