aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The Answer is No.

I received an on-line invitation to give to a fund developed by Syrian doctors in memory of "Abdul-Rahman Peter Kassig." The answer is No. I will not give to any fund that mentions him by the name he was forced to assume in captivity. I will not grovel before the murderers. I will not call him by that name. Forced conversion under threat of torture and death is a heinous act, and I will not cooperate with it. A fund in memory of "Peter Kassig" I would consider.

The war being waged by ISIS and al Qaida and the other Muslim thugs is an ideological war. If they can get us to use their words, think their thoughts -- they win. No matter how many we kill. Even if we defeat them in every battle. And the battle is not between Christianity and Islam, particularly; the fact that Peter Kassig was raised Methodist, the grandson of one of my colleagues in this Conference, aids great pain to his death, but does not affect the structure of the conflict. Westerners, especially Americans, are prime targets, even if they have no faith to promote. Even if they convert to Islam. The terrorists want to demonstrate the superiority of their belief system, of Islam as they understand it. And they want us to know ourselves to be bettered in the demonstration. They want us to submit, not just be defeated.

Their views are of no interest to me. They're scum. I will not submit.

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