aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Live Intelligence

I was talking with Anna and Brian about playing Hearts on my computer. I said that when you're trying to shoot the moon and you know there's one card out there that can stop you, you lead everything else you've got until there are only two cards left in your hand: the Queen of Spades and the card somebody's got the stopper for. Lead the second card. Unless forced to, the AI will always punt, refusing the lead that would then get them the Queen. Which means that they (and the other players) all get 26 points and you get zero, instead of them taking the Queen and you getting everything else.

"That doesn't work on us," Anna said. "We'll eat the Queen to stop you from running it." Indeed she would. And so would Brian or Zach or any other live player who sees what's coming. It's better to take a big hit than to take a disastrous hit. But that takes a willingness to take damage in pursuit of more important goals. Lesser players (and AI) will always dodge the sacrifice, because they can't imagine doing that. And so they lose.

There's a life lesson here somewhere.

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