aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Of pirates and pussycats

Anna came down for a couple of nights to decompress. At the same time, Deanne went off to her convention in Branson, and I had a lull in my week. I had bought a toy cutlass at the Fall Fun Rally. A bandana and my old toy flintlock pistol produced this Professional Pirate in Training:


Ready for Anything

We like to never got any of that gear away from him, either. : )

By the time Anna and the grandcubs went back to their temporary digs outside Munchkinland, I was exhausted. I love having everybody visit, but it's not exactly a rest home when there are little boys on the prowl. I got a really good nap in yesterday morning, though, and a good night's sleep last night.

This morning, I taught Cooking Merit Badge 8:30-2:30 at the church. I came home wiped out. Read a bit, gruntled the kitties, ate some supper. It has turned cold, so I finally turned on the furnace. Just a few moments ago, I looked down to my left, and this is what I saw:


Lightning Likes the Warmth

Deanne is a couple of hours into her return trip home. I'm spending a quiet evening here. Sermon is in the bag. Charge Conference stuff is ready; just gotta make copies for others and get signatures on originals.

Meanwhile, prayers: Praying for a colleague whose son killed himself this week. Praying for a friend just out of jail. Praying for Brian that he gets a new job. Praying that Anna and Brian's house in Virginia Beach sells quickly. Praying for the congregation and many other peoples and causes.

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