aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Fall Fun Rally 2014

Our happy Crew toodled over to Camp Beaumont outside St. Louis for the big Fall Fun Rally hosted by the Greater St. Louis Area Council. Representing Crew 119 were three of our girls: Abby, our Vice-President and Leader for this trip; Dakota; Hannah, our newest Venturer. We fought out way through interstate road work and such and arrive just after dark on Friday night. Abby and Mama Julie went to the leaders' meeting while the other three of us set up camp. We made an early night of it.

Saturday was a beautiful day and there was lots of fun to be had. We toured the re-enactors from many periods. Trappers were selling furs and fur pieces, there were lots of handmade souvenirs (I got a wooden cutlass sized just right for a certain pirate), even homemade soft drinks. The ladies hit the shotgun range, then we trudged over to the rifle range. BSA rules for Venturers are more expansive than for Boy Scouts. We got to shoot a paintball gun, a .22 rifle with a magazine, a .22 revolver, and an AR-15 firing .223 NATO rounds. After supper, there were chapel services and lots of social events. We were up early this morning and had an easy run back to E-ville.


And thereby hangs a tail
Our girls fell in love with the trapper's offerings


The smith, a mighty man is he
The re-enactors were interesting and fun


Armed and dangerous
Julie tries throwing a tomahawk


Gearing up
Hannah and Abby prepare to enter the firing line

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