aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Good news

'Sall good today.

Good news #1

I went over to Wilderstead early today to meet the REMC guys. They were to investigate the best way to bring power into my building site. As they came in down the looong drive, one said, "You told the office it was only about 300 feet from the road!" I pointed straight uphill to Woods Ridge Road.

They were dubious at first, but we looked at my upper pasture, and there's a wide spot just off the road near the top of the hill where they can site a pole coming off the line on the road. It's a straight shot from there to a spot right behind my cabin. So, it shouldn't be any problem to put two poles in and have me bring the power in to my cabin and future cottage, and it shouldn't cost me an arm and a leg, either.

Good news #2

After that, I went into town to get some lunch and price culvert pipe. Then it was off to Maumee Scout Reservation on the way back for the Order of the Arrow callout ceremony. I had a special reason for attending. I had the inside tipoff that one of our Scouts/Venturers, T.J. Nichols, was going to be called out for the Vigil Honor -- and on the same night that his mom and younger brother were to be called out for membership in the Order.

I was told to place T.J. in the line of campers at the ceremony next to our troop, so the Vigil Chief could find him. Since that looks suspicious to have an Arrowman standing in line with the candidates, I told him that we had been asked to form an honor guard for later in the ceremony. Good old Teej never questions anything he's told, so there we stood in the line as if we were Tommy Tenderfoot. Halfway through the ceremony, the Vigil Chief stopped the proceedings and announced that we would now present candidates for the Vigil Honor.

He came around the back of the line and shoved T.J. toward the fire; T.J. said afterwards he about had a heart attack. They read out a brief bio composed by the Vigil Selection Committee. They explained T.J.'s nomination on the basis of his being "the embodiment of cheerful service." Amen to that, and well-deserved the honor is. After everything was over, I explained to him my ruse about being an honor guard by saying that I was acting as his honor guard.

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