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Over the hills and far away


Venturing Crew 119
2015 Superactivity

These are choices we’ve already talked about at one time or another. I list them here, not in order to preclude other suggestions, but simply because we’ve already spent some thought on these, and choosing one of these three would give us a jump on planning and paying for the trip. If people have other suggestions, they need to be brought forward in a timely manner.

We will begin discussion of next year’s Superactivity as soon as we return from Sea Base. I would like to see us choose a destination within a few weeks of our Block Party. That will allow us to do a full outline and updated cost estimate and publish same by, say, October.


15-16 days, including c. 4 days backpacking across the center of Yellowstone

Would include lots of side trips along the way: the Spam Museum in Austin MN; the Corn Palace in Mitchell SD; Bear Butte SD; Badlands NP; Wall Drug; Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse; Devil’s Tower WY; Little Bighorn battlefield; the touristy things in Yellowstone including Old Faithful; Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody WY. It’s a long way to Yellowstone and back, so one might as well see everything along the way.

Cost: c. $650-750 per person.


Originally planned for last year as a 9-day trip to the Adirondacks, with day hikes of Mt. Marcy and area but no backpacking. Ft. Ticonderoga is in the area.

We had planned on taking a northern route through Ontario and doing Niagara Falls. A southerly route could be planned concentrating on, say, Gettysburg. If you want to extend the trip to 12-14 days, we could stay a couple of nights in NYC and tour the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, lower Manhattan. And of course, if you prefer backpacking around Mt. Marcy, we could do that.

Cost (basic) c. $350-400 per person; extended program could raise this to maybe $500 tops.


6 days (7 if you’re lazy).

Includes three days’ backpacking along the border between Kentucky and Virginia. Side trips to Cumberland Gap National Historical Monument and (perhaps) Cumberland Gap State Park. Possibility of all-you-can-eat BBQ on the way home.

Cost $100-125 per person.

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