aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

FedUp with FedEx

Our Venturing Crew ordered some fabric from Hancock to make our beach shirts for the Sea Base trip. It was late arriving; when I checked up on it, FedEx claimed that it had already been delivered. I initiated a trace on the package. They said they couldn't find it, and I should file a claim. Meanwhile, we contacted Hancock and placed a rush order for the same goods again and got it in time to make the shirts. All very stressful, but now safely over with.

Comes now a letter from FedEx denying my claim. I am livid. Here is the guts of my response, which I am putting together today. You have now all been informed.
When you say that your “records indicate [our] package was properly delivered to the correct address,” I don’t believe you. Well, I suppose I believe your records, but records are maintained by people, and I don’t believe your people. I have lived in this house for seven years. It has two porches where delivery services can leave packages, both easily screened from public view. I have never lost a package before this.

But what truly flabbergasts me is that you would deny my claim. Simply as a cost of doing business, securing my satisfaction on this matter ought to be your prime concern. As it is, it has cost me over two hundred dollars to fix the problem of the missing package – money that must ultimately be paid by our Venturers (a Scouting group from our church) who ordered the goods. That you would think it good business practice to stiff a congregation and its youth boggles me.

You say you hope I’ll continue to ship with FedEx. Not in this lifetime, madam. I will never voluntarily use FedEx again; furthermore, I will inform my congregation and my fellow Scouting volunteers in this Council and all my clergy colleagues in my Annual Conference that FedEx doesn’t stand behind its services.

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