aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Give a man enough rope, I always say

Took a little overnight trip to Wilderstead last night. Along the way, I stopped at a clinic in Columbus and got my Yellow Fever booster. There's a nationwide shortage of YF vaccine, but this clinic had plenty on hand.

I only had some small chores to get done in the holler. I'd've wished to accomplish more, but didn't have the time. Basically, I was out there to give myself a little holiday after the Easter push. One thing I did get done was to deliver the summer's supply of potable water.

In the morning yesterday, I rinsed out my roly-poly tank with a little bleach water and made a new rope cradle for it. Then I filled it up while in the back of my truck. Belayed it to the sides so it wouldn't crash around while I was driving, and then it was off for the woods immediately after Bible Study.

After I got out to my cabin, I rested up and made some supper. The light was lingering (bless it!), and I was feeling frisky, so I decided to emplace the tank on its supports. This is not a simple task for one man to do, but I'm a crafty sort. First, I backed up my truck to the concrete blocks on which the tank would rest. Then I lashed a tripod out of spars I keep handy for backwoods engineering problems. Using a block and tackle, I eased the tank (all 30 gallons = 240 pounds of it) out of the back of the truck until it hung over the block. Then I made sure everything was straight and rocked the tank over the block and eased 'er down. Nothing simpler.

You can see the process in these photos.





Last night was lovely. The stars were gorgeous. I went to bed early and slept in late. It was just warm enough that I didn't feel the need to light a fire last night. A little bit of space heater this morning was just right.

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