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Throwback Thursday on the Trail

Alpine Meadow, Baldy Mountain

Alpine Meadow, Baldy Mountain
Explorer Post 697 at Philmont, June 21, 1997

First day of summer. We built a snowman in the shade below the meadow. Anna (with the long hair reminiscent of Cousin Itt) was our Crew Leader on this, our first high adventure trek.

Well, from Explorers to Venturers and everything in between, this summer will be my 17th high adventure trek or international Scouting trip. I'm going to Sea Base June 10-16, 2014 with our Happy Crew. Then in July, I'll be leading the Tenke Jamboree in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on behalf of the Indiana and North Katanga Annual Conferences of The United Methodist Church.

It's a long, long trail a-winding

Explorer Post 697, Aurora First UMC
1997 Philmont
1998 Philmont

Venturing Crew 699, Tanner Valley UMC
1999 Isle Royale
2000 Philmont
2001 Trip of the Millennium, Tanzania (our Crew was the organizational base for this South Indiana Conference Scouting mission trip)
2002 Isle Royale
2003 Cumberland Gap (Shakedown)
2003 Yellowstone National Park
2004 Adirondaks High Peaks Area
2005 The Three Peaks Challenge, UK (co-sponsored by the Conference CYSA/Scouting Ministries Committee and SI-NAUMS)
2006 Back to Africa, Tanzania (our Crew went under the sponsorship of NAUMS)

Boy Scout Troop 119, EFUMC
2007 Cumberland Gap

Venturing Crew 119, EFUMC
2010 Philmont (The Children of Jedediah Smith, UM trek sponsored by NAUMS)
2011 Isle Royale
2012 Philmont (The Children of Jedediah Smith Ride Again, UM trek sponsored by NAUMS)
2013 UK
2014 Sea Base

Pathfinder NAUMS and Friendly Planet Missiology (The organizational base for this Indiana Conference Scouting mission trip)
2014 Tenke Jamboree, DRC

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