aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Just scraping by

Well, I'm getting around better, but I'm still dragging myself through each day. Need my naps. And I find that people just wear me out. People are tiresome anyway, of course, but in my weary state I find them particularly hard to put up with.

My inability to concentrate well leads to boredom, which leads to mild depression. collinsmom asked if I'd like to go out to Wilderstead (that usually cheers me up), but it was after 5:00 when she asked, and it was getting dark. And cold. Under the circumstances, I'm kind of stuck at home.

I want to eat junk food. Must be the hibernation response we all go through at this time of year. But if I start, I'll balloon up in weight. I bought some beef jerky to nibble on today.

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