aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Two steps forward, one step back

Or maybe that's one step backward, two steps forward. Anyway, things are progressing, if not quite as I'd hoped.

I took some vacation time to come out to Wilderstead and work on building plans. For various reasons -- weather, money, whatnot -- I'm not going to get any footers dug this week. So I decided to do some other important prep work to make sure I'm ready to do that.

I went to the Ohio County Health Department this afternoon and talked over my plans for the holler. Then I went to the County Building Inspector to do the same. Neither guy seemed at all surprised by what I was doing. Both are willing to work with me. Those of you who have dealt with other jurisdictions *cough*cough*MonroeCounty* may have some horror stories to tell. But a sewage permit in Ohio County is 70 bucks, good for two years (with option to extend) and a building permit for my size of building is only 150 bucks, good for three years. As long as I continue to work on the project and not abandon it, both offices are happy to help. Ohio County is the smallest county in the State and one of the most laid-back. So that's all good.

I left Rising Sun and went to talk to my insurance agent in Aurora. As I build stuff in the holler, I can just add coverage to my existing liability policy. Auch damit ist alles in Ordnung.

Deanne came out last night and we spent a quiet evening in the cabin. This morning we walked about a bit. Deanne tried shooting a 12-gauge shotgun. I was going to take a picture of her with it and post it online with a caption like, "I am the NRA," but she said that would for sure bring the domestic spybots down on our heads. Anyway, it was nice to just be, rather than do, for a while.

I've been counting on my fingers and toes, and I make it ten years that we've had our cabin in the holler. And we bought the land at least a year before that, so we've owned Wilderstead for, I think, eleven years. My soul aches to get the work done out there. As we walked about the building site, Deanne said, "You've got this whole thing built in your head." Ah, I can close my eyes and know exactly where everything is.

Yesterday, I went to the see the head ding at Dearborn Savings Bank. We've got some equity in our land and we could redo our almost-paid-off mortgage to get some capital to build this house. I could probably also get a personal loan from a conventional bank, but I'm leery of plunging into debt on this. As much as possible, I want to do this out of current cashflow. When the day finally comes to retire, if there's anything left to do I'll have access to retirement savings to finish it off.

Meanwhile, it's a cool, beautiful day. It's good to be alive.

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