aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Goin' away for to see you

Our parishioners the Huffmans are moving away. This is their last week here. They have spent the day wrestling with boxes. We know how that goes, so we invited them over for a home-cooked meal they didn't have to make. We had beef tenderloin, fried brussels sprouts, new potatoes, home-made bread, and Girl Scout cookies.

Deanne had to leave early to meet some clients. Errol and Libby and I relaxed and talked. The boys enjoyed all the neat stuff we have to play with -- especially the hats and stuffed animals and walking sticks I collect.

We're going to miss these folks. Godspeed, friends.

The Explorer

The Explorer
Trip really digs hats -- and all boys are into swords

You always knew your mom was a monster

You always knew your mom was a monster
Libby the Red


Between funny hats

Abe making music

Abe making music
The monkey has taken over the organ

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