aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I believe in these kids

Had a great confirmation class this morning. We brainstormed ideas for the stained glass window these guys are to design and lead in constructing. Drawing ideas out of 12-year-old boys takes great patience, but it can be very rewarding. We got some cool ideas going that we can take on to the next level.

Working with kids can be difficult, precisely because they are slow to risk giving their input. It's all too common, therefore, for kids to wind up doing projects that adults chose for them. I can be confident, however, that this window is going to be their project through and through, because their design is not something I would have chosen. But we kept going over and over various things, but there were only a couple of things they clicked on, and when I drew them out on that, they were adamant that that's what they wanted.

The next step is to consult with some artistic types and refine the design. Eventually, we'll have something to submit to the Trustees for their approval. Then, my guys will invite all the other youth and some helpful adults to cut and grind the glass and put it all together. We'll be converting a room at the church into a stained glass studio for the purpose.

After the window is done, then comes building the custom frame and light box to hold it. And the very adult job of installing it on the wall and getting the power hooked up. And then the youth will have the honor of dedicating it in church. All THAT is the curriculum for my class once confirmation study is done.

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