aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Bye, now

I've never officially fired a doctor before, but I think I owe this guy's practice an explanation instead of just disappearing. I'm not trying to be rude; if were, I would be fully capable of writing a real ripsnorter of a kiss-off. But, no. I'm just trying to be responsive and responsible. So, here's my letter to his practice. Should I send it, or just disappear in the night?
I received a request from you to inform you whether or not I would have performed some tests ordered by Dr. _____. This is to inform you that I will not; in fact, I write to inform you that I am withdrawing myself from Dr. _____’s practice. It has taken me a while to thoroughly consider the matter — hence, my delay in responding — but I have worked it through.

I find Dr. _____’s interest in the actual complaint for which I sought him out to be waning. At my last appointment, he seemed mostly interested in counseling me on matters already under the care of other doctors and prescribing medicines and lab work as if those doctors’ instructions were of no consideration. Furthermore, I find him to be argumentative and dogmatic on some issues — like my supposed _____ — and I tire of being badgered about things I have reason to believe are being adequately addressed.

Despite my generally good health, I spend a small fortune every year on routine medical care and prescription drugs. This is exacerbated by my insurance, which keeps reducing coverage by adding co-pays, especially for out-of-network physicians. So eliminating costs that provide small benefits is therefore something I am very interested in doing. I think I can address my _____ in a less costly way, and as for my other on-going conditions, well, I have other doctors for those.

Respectfully yours,

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