aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Penny wise, pound foolish

I went shopping Sunday for the family, Deanne being too spent to get 'er done. I managed to find everything on the list, though it took two grocery stores to do it -- except one item, "2 lb. beef tenderloin." What she wanted it for I knew not, so I wasn't sure what form she wanted it in, but I looked for it. Neither store had any, but Marsh was supposed to have beef tenderloin on sale, so if I came back after they got re-supplied but before their special ended, I could get a deal.

Good enough. I went back today to buy some tenderloin. They had filet mignon on sale for only $17.99 per pound. So, if I bought 2 lb. of filets, I'd spend thirty-six bucks. On the other hand, they had whole beef tenderloins for only $12.99 per pound. So of course I bought an entire PISMO. The cashier was shocked. She wanted to know if I realized that that piece of meat was going to cost me $103. Yes, I said. It blew the remainder of our fortnightly grocery budget, but it would get me what I wanted.

When I got it home, I told Deanne what I'd done. I said I would butcher the thing down and cut her off whatever it is she needed for that recipe, and then I would cut up the remainder into various forms to be frozen. She replied that since I couldn't find tenderloin on Sunday, she had dumped it from the menu. So now I've got a whole PISMO to butcher and freeze without any immediate plans to use it. And the budget is still blown.

I got a great deal, but I went broke somehow anyway. This is the story of my life.

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