aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Unity in Christ

I got my latest newsletter from The Confessing Movement within The United Methodist Church. At their recent conference in Cincinnati, they approved a document on unity. Liberals accuse the orthodox of wanting to split the Church; however, the orthodox reply, in part,
*There is no authentic unity in the Church apart from agreement on the truth of the gospel.

*Our constitutionally protected Doctrinal Standards are foundational to our agreement in the gospel.

*There are inadequate proposals for unity to be named and critiqued.

The document goes on to say,
Genuine unity in the church is not secured by religious sentiment, sincere piety, dead orthodoxy, tight property clauses, or appeals to institutional authority and loyalty. Not all opinions are compatible with our Doctrinal Standards. False understandings of inclusivism demand acceptance apart from repentance and obedience to the good news of God's grace for all sinners. This ideology has become a substitute gospel that confuses the church and fractures its unity.

It's pretty good stuff. I fully agree.

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