aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


Well, I went to the HS pool today to start getting in shape for Sea Base. I managed to do 16 lengths of the pool (25 meters each) -- about 12 freestyle and 4 elementary backstroke. I practiced floating, which I stink at. I didn't figure I'd be able to do but about a third of all that before I went, but by resting between each length I found I could do more than I thought. Of course, eventually, I'll have to do several lengths without resting, but that's for another day.

When I started doing the elementary backstroke, I felt my shoulder go *snap*crackle*pop* as I brought my arm up and thrust it out. That's not good, I thought. Anyway, I'm going to be sore tomorrow. I'm thinking I need to do a little swimming practice each week or so until summer. That should put me in shape and ready me for the BSA swim test.

Dakota came by and swam a bit. Her technique's not too bad, but she has no stamina. She also needs regular conditioning swims. The other Venturers didn't show; they all say they're up to speed and good to go. That may be so, but I'd really like to see them swim before we take off for Florida in June. I'm thinking a required swim is in order where we do the BSA swim test and we all know what we're capable of.

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