aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Slow news day

It continues cold and snowy this week. Not much is going on, which suits me down to the ground. After two very busy, demanding weeks with big weekend events, I find myself falling asleep twice a day, plus putting in serious sack time at night. The wintry weather provides a nice, slow pace. Meanwhile, I'm trying to catch up on administrivia. There are letters to write, things to plan, records to update. I'm trying to be productive without pushing myself.

Deanne's Uncle Warren died yesterday morning. Last of a generation, she says; which is not quite true, but still, one feels the passing of an era. His funeral will be next Tuesday down near Evansville.

I'm reading Ike's Bluff, a history of the Eisenhower presidency with a focus on foreign policy. In the early years of the Cold War, nobody knew what might happen next. People remember the 1950s as peaceful and carefree, but in fact the specter of war hung over the whole world. It was a tense and fearful time in America.

Well, gotta sign off. Evening meetings start in a few minutes. Auf Wiederbye-bye.

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