aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Just another day in the vineyard

This started out as one of those days in which I wanted to open an e-mail by saying, What is WRONG with you people? and then hitting, "Reply Everybody."

It started when I got an e-mail from somebody working on a major project with me who calmly asked me to reconfigure the universe for his personal convenience. Again. Truly, I am stagged by the narcissism of our times. I haven't answered him yet. I had to cool off and wait for grace and peace before I could construct a reply.

Later, I got another e-mail from someone asking me about the latest hurtful and bone-headed thing done by a United Methodist agency we both have worked with. You'd think there'd be at least a few grown-ups working at the General Whatsit on Ragblag, you know? Apparently not. I haven't been able to answer his e-mail yet, either. It's not that I'm mad, I just don't know what to say. And I'm not sure whatever I could say would do any good. But there's a reason The UMC is a declining institution.

In between those two e-mails, our Sub-District ministry panel interviewed one ministerial candidate and talked with another by telephone. Now, I'm ready to charge out into the world and make some other stuff happen. Got a meeting up at Martinsville this evening. And I have to get ready for a confirmation retreat starting tomorrow. Maybe some wisdom will come to me by the end of the day with which to address the various weirdnesses waiting for my response. Assuming I have the energy for it.

Lord, hear my prayer.

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