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In my recent travelogue on our trip to Great Britain, I left out an anecdote I had planned to include. After we returned to camp following our ascent of Ben Nevis and victory dinner in Fort William, I was doing some laundry (actually just drying out sleeping bags). It was raining, a gentle, steady rain. I was talking with two fellows from Glasgow who were bagging Munros (a Munro is one of the 282 mountains in Scotland over 3,000 feet).

About 8:30 or so, one of them sang out, "Look! There's three guys with headlamps running up Ben Nevis!" They were starting the Three Peaks Challenge, in which a team of guys will attempt to climb Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England, and Snowdon in Wales in 24 hours (including travel time). They typically do Ben Nevis first, in the evening. Then they sleep on the way to the Lake District; do Scafell Pike in the morning. Drive to Wales and do Snowdon in the afternoon.

Wrap your head around that. Three guys running up and down Ben Nevis. At night, in the rain. With only headlamps to see by. Temperatures -- at the base of the mountain -- were around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Welcome to the world of extreme sports, British edition.

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