aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

More on Cuthbert's age

Cuthbert has been losing some teeth and growing some new ones in. If these are the six-month teeth we're starting to see, then let's say that Nov. 1 is his notional half-birthday. That means he was probably born around May 1. We found him in mid-August. We thought he was five weeks old by his size; he was probably (by this calculation) 13-14 weeks old. And still weighed only .8 lb!

So, a runt? Or just starved, neglected, finally dumped. Maybe both. In any case, you should see him now. He's such a handsome cat. So healthy and sleek, though still under weight.

He and Sassy play together now, sometimes pretty rough. But she is no longer ignoring him.

His remaining peculiarity is with running water. He loves the shower, keeps poking his head in while I'm showering. But of course, he hates to get wet. Loves to watch toilets flush, too.

And, he likes to watch TV. He's the first cat I've had that really follows the action.

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