aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Kitty update

The cats are both doing well these days. Despite her cancer, Hera is holding steady at five and a half pounds and has a good appetite. Sometimes, she even taunts Lightning, as if she wants to play. She takes her medicine without too much protest. She especially likes her daily cod liver oil softgel. Every day we have her is a gift.

Meanwhile, Lightning has become much more amenable to being handled. He still protests loudly at being picked up and he absolutely will not cuddle, but he wants to be petted and brushed a lot. He especially likes buttrubs. He will settle in next to my computer on the boxes stacked up elbow height (we're waiting for carpet to be installed, and I had to pack up my books). If he doesn't get enough attention, he will reach out and paw my arm, or jog my elbow with his head.

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