aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Just another day at the old fruitstand

At the end of the summer, I cleaned my office desk. Shortly thereafter -- only maybe three weeks ago -- I cleaned the dining room table off. I had everything under control. But in less than a month, everything has gone to blazes again. I can't find important papers. Piles of stuff are everywhere. I spend hours per day doing administration.

It's called Boy Scout Popcorn + Charge Conference + High Adventure Trip to the UK + Congo Mission Trip next year + Stewardship campaign + meetings every night at church because summer is over. It's the madness of battle. You reach a point where all you can do is to stand in one place and hew with your sword until the dark comes. No time just yet to count up the cost and tend the wounded. Don't even know if we're winning or not.

This happens several times a year. It's called Normal.

Who'd'a thunk it, right?

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