aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Forbidden knowledge

So, it's Banned Books Week. I just saw a list of most-challenged books in schools and libraries. They ranged from Captain Underpants to Fifty Shades of Grey. Many were challenged because of their treatment of sex, drug use, religion. Many were also challenged as being age-inappropriate, that is, the problem wasn't with sex, drug use, religion per se; but with these particular books being offered to those too young to deal with their treatment of these topics.

What surprised me about this list -- what has surprised me about every such list I have ever seen -- is the absence of the Bible and other standard (pro-)religious works. I guess for those who use Banned Books Week to remind us of the dangers of censorship, the only censorship they worry about is that of the public. Censorship by the elites -- particularly the elites who run schools -- is considered just fine. Because they know better than the common herd.

It's been sixteen years, I guess, since I had a fifth grade girl in my church tell me this story. She had brought her Bible to school to read in her spare time. It was sitting on her desk with her notebook and other stuff. One of her teachers came over to her and told her she was not allowed to have that book in school. This is a fairly common thing. Public schools don't teach religion. Most public schools don't teach the Bible, even as literature. But there's always some crank who thinks that means that school is a "religion-free" zone and that students must leave behind all such tokens of religiosity when they enter the Zone of Enlightenment; said crank usually thinks that if he or she does not enforce this "religion-free" zone, then everyone will be contaminated, and goes off on some poor kid whose faith is just coming to flower.

When you add in all the places around the world where Christianity (and other religions) are suppressed to the places here where people are told they have to leave their faith and its tokens behind, I think it is beyond doubt that the Bible is the most Banned Book in the world.

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