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27 days to go

Bridge over the Devil's Water

Bridge over the Devil's Water

This is the bridge over the Devil's Water at Dilston Scout Camp, the last place I am trying to confirm a reservation at for our Crew. It is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Lady Derwentwater. Derwent Water is in the Lake District, her family title comes from there. Devil's Water is the name of the stream flowing through Dilston on its way to the River Tyne. It's in the middle of northern England, just south of Hadrian's Wall. They do this just to confuse you, I know.

Anyway, in 1715, Earl Derwentwater rode down from Dilston Hall and over this bridge to review his armed retainers in the open field that is now Dilston Scout Camp before marching them off to join the Jacobite Rising. The Rising failed, of course, and the earl was found guilty of treason and put to death on Tower Hill in 1716.

We hope to camp two nights at Dilston next month.

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