aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

What the well-dressed Crew members will be wearing this year

Things are gathering speed as we prepare for our Crew super-activity to Great Britain in October. A t-shirt design for the Crew for this year, featuring one of our trips, has been bugging me for some time. We had a cool design for the NY trip, but the trip failed to make. That leaves the UK trip. And there's only one of our previous year's t-shirts left, so we've got to get a new Crew t-shirt.

So, I'm thinking a solid color t-shirt with our the usual "Venturing Crew 119 EFUMC" on the left breast. And then, on the back . . .

t-shirt mockup

Taking opinions on colors for this shirt. Gotta get decision made soon.

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