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T.C. wanted his favorite song, "Still," played at his Court of Honor. I you-tubed it and found it to be a simple Praise & Worship piece by a group named Hillsong. A little too breathy for my tastes. I could fake it on the organ with the guitar chords, sort of, after hearing it only once. Like many P&W songs, it covers its simplistic tune with syncopated rhythm, which makes it a pain to play.

Anyway, I thought I needed the actual music, so I called around. The only place that had it was in Terre Haute. It was in a giant collection of other P&W pieces, and the whole thing cost twenty-one bucks. But, anything for a Crew member! so I drove to Terre Haute and bought the thing. Rehearsed it for the Court of Honor. And then found out that his favorite song was "Still," by Tim McGraw. A wee bit different. But, he brought a CD and played it on his laptop.

The problem is, now I've got a phrase from the P&W song running through my head constantly. Aagghhh! Make it stop!

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