aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Some good news

Well, I'm worn out and need to go back to bed. But before I sign off, let me share some good news from The United Methodist Church ("the bland leading the bland"). Yesterday, on Reformation Day (or Hallowe'en, depending on how you feel about it), the Judicial Council handed down two major decisions.

In one, they reversed the decision to re-instate the clergy credentials of former pastor and lesbienne celebre Beth Stroud, thus once again drawing the line that the words enacted by General Conference are to be received and understood as actual, ordinary words that mean just what they happen to say.

In another, they threw out the bishop of Virginia's weird decisions of law in which a pastor in that Conference was suspended for insubordination in not receiving a homosexual person into membership on the orders of his DS and Bishop. The Judicial Council came down on the side of ministerial discretion, saying that the senior pastor of a congregation is the final authority on who is, and is not, ready to take the vows and join the Church.

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