aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Another area in which seminary does not prepare you for the real world

I do my filing twice a year, whether it needs it or not.

In between filing times, I take a composting approach toward incoming paperwork. If I can't get to it immediately, it goes on the pile. If I can't get to it before it gets buried by other stuff, then it can't be all that important.

Yesterday, I cleaned my desk off at church and put away six months' worth of filing. This evening, I have found the top of the dining room table. A large pile of stuff has been assembled to move from here to the church pile. (Rotating compost is good. It enriches it, or something.) Along the way, I've found several things that will become priorities as soon as we get past the next crisis.

And so, for the next six hours (maybe), I'm a Clean Desk Man. It's great to be organized!

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