aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Let's get real on Paula Deen

I believe it was the ever-perceptive Mark Steyn who put his finger on why Paula Deen's fall has been so catastrophic: she's low class. The elites despise her. Many of them have hurled insults at her food for years. When she developed diabetes, the execrable Anthony Bourdain used it to criticize her lifestyle. No matter how successful she might become as a businesswoman, no matter how big a celebrity she might be on Food Network, no matter how many times she might stump for Obama's election, she would never, ever belong.

If she were upper class like Ina Garten, if she were glamorous and Hollywood-connected like Giada De Lorentiis, if she were hip like Guy Fieri, if she were urban like Bobby Flay, if she were gay like Cat Cora, the standards would be different. But she was only admitted to the Snootville Salon on sufferance. As such, the first mistake -- even one made a long while ago, and long since repented of -- and out she goes. It's an old story.

This is not to excuse the use of racial epithets. Neither is it to endorse snobbery. Ms. Deen has asked to be forgiven her use of ugly words; her sins shall be forgiven her. Her former "friends" do not think they have done anything but what is right and just in casting her aside like an old polishing rag, and therefore their sin remains.

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