aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Home from Annual Conference

I enjoyed today, even if it began too early.

Got up at 4:00. Had a 7:00 a.m. breakfast meeting at Shapiro's to start the day. Spent the day talking to friends, eating with friends, talking up our Scouting ministry trip to Congo (and asking for money), and sitting through a couple of long business sessions with Jerry P., our Lay Member of Annual Conference.

Got quite a lot done, actually. And I enjoyed it, far more than yesterday. Though I could do without the "worship team/band." They should call themselves White Noise. Not a fan of breathy Scripture reading to introduce music. Not a fan of musical calisthenics, either. I also note that in their "set" they played only one standard-hymn-like tune (with new words, just to confuse people) -- and then they got the timing wrong. The Africa University choir also performed at the celebration of ministry service. The juxtaposition was not to the worship team/band's advantage.

But that's really my only gripe, which is some sort of record for me at Annual Conference. All in all, I'm quite happy about going this year. You may now pick yourselves up off the floor and return to your pre-scheduled activities.

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