aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Update on Hera

Hera is a very sick kitty. She has recently stopped eating her special food. She nibbled a bit of dry food yesterday. She's restless, and she holds herself in a kind of crouch. Her tummy hurts, I'm sure. She wants a lot of attention.

She was diagnosed with cancer last week or so. She's been losing weight for a year (and has none to lose, really). We're trying to keep her comfortable and enjoy her while we have her. She's only three and a half years old, no great age for a cat. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated for her.

This picture was taken of her on our bed this morning. She jumped up there to get my attention while I was getting dressed. Though she may be uncomfortable, yet she is very loving and purrs all the while one plays with her.

Hera in typical pose

Hera in typical pose
She's always looked at the world upside-down

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