aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Color me worried

The fallout over the Boy Scouts' change in membership standards is just beginning. There are people who will leave over this. And there are people who are poised to come in, and they have quite an agenda.

Several gay rights' groups have said they will "help" BSA craft programs and policies to assist in working with gay youth.

Let me be clear. We know how to work with gay youth. We have done so for some time. We do not need or want the help of these other groups.

The desire of BSA was to de-emphasize the problem of sexual ideology, not double down on it from the other side. We want to talk less about sex than we do even now, not more.

But of course, the whole thrust of the ideologues is to turn the Boy Scouts into another megaphone for their ideology. They don't just want inclusion, they want control. And if they get it, they will wreck the program.

Gay kids want what other kids want. They want what we've been offering. The program isn't broke, and we don't need to fix it.

I agreed with the policy change as presented, but I do not trust the bozos in Irving on the National Executive Board and Staff.

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