aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Wet and wonderful

I drove over to Wilderstead yesterday afternoon. I arrived in a driving rainstorm, with lightning striking all over the Laughery Valley. This box turtle was right outside my cabin door, waiting out the storm.


Once things settled down a bit, I took a walk around. I couldn't get across the creek, because the Pishon was in spate. Here's what it looked like.


I went to Northern Kentucky and had dinner with Nikki and Tom, a young couple getting married next month. I was trying to recruit them for our Congo mission trip. We'll see. It was a delightful visit.

It rained again this morning, so I rolled over and slept some more. By the time I was finally up and out, it was quite nice. The creek looked very peaceful today.


Quite a difference, no?

I got my tractor working finally. Had to go to town and buy a new battery. Now, we're in business. Did some work on my road (scraping gravel and spraying Roundup on the weeds so that it stays a road and doesn't become a meadow), mowed some of the grass around the cabin and building site. Things have greened up so fast, I don't think I'll be able to get to the fencing before fall.

After putting all my tools away and cleaning the cabin, I betook myself to the creek to rinse off the grime. First creek bath this year. My, that water was bracing! Good for what ails ya.

Got home about 8:00. Just finished my sermon notes. Headin' for bed. God is good.

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