aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

McCormick's Creek Trail No. 2

I don't know if I've given sufficient weight to the little State Park hikes I've done with family over the years. I don't count mere walking for exercise in my lifetime total, but State Park hiking would seem to be worth something. Deanne and I did a mile last week at the park; it was beautiful.

I don't think I included the two-miler I did last year with Daniel and Anna in Virginia Beach, either. And there have been other family hikes over the years. I think I'll add a grand total of seven miles to my estimated hiking mileage, which would bring my lifetime total up to 1,470 so far. Just thirty miles to go to hit the big 1,500!


Deanne leading me down the path
That's the story of my life ; )

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