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On the road again

Our happy crew had its first conditioner hike of the year this afternoon. It was a glorious spring day, sunny and cool. Redbuds were in bloom. Creeks were running swiftly.

We had a hard time gathering a crew for this one. Several Venturers had begged off for one reason or another, and then just as we were gathering, I found I didn't have a second adult for the hike. I called Deanne at the parsonage and The Volunteer of Last Resort gamely put her boots on to go hiking. In return, I made supper this evening. Jeffrey, Dakota, and Abby were our only hikers. We went to Harrison's house to start the hike, but Harrison and Jack were being lazy, so only we five were left to inaugurate the hiking season.

We had planned six miles -- an easy sort of stretch-your-legs hike. The problem for me was, I hadn't done any real hiking since last September (ouch). It took us fully three hours to do the course. Said course took us down through Whitehall and up some very quiet back roads. Where we picked up a couple of four-footed Venturers who finished the hike with us.

These six miles bring my lifetime hiking total up to around 1,463 miles. Hoping to hit 1,500 this summer!

Going to the Dogs

Going to the Dogs
Dakota and Abby pick up a couple of admirers


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