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Blessed is he who comes

and þa he genealæhte to oliuetes muntes nyþerstige: þa ongunnon ealle þa menego geblissian. and mid mycelre stefne god heredon be eallum þam mihtum þe hig gesawun. and cwædon; Gebletsud sy se cyning þe com on drihtnes naman. syb sy on heofenum. and wuldor on heahnessum

Luke 19:47-38 in Old English (Bright's edition)

And as he neared [= drew near] to Olivet-mount's descent, there began all the multitude to rejoice, and with great voices God to praise for all the mighties [= mighty works, things] that they saw, and they said, "Blessed be the king that comes in the Lord's name. Peace be in heaven, and glory in highest.

(My translation)

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