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Our happy Crew did a very fine job this evening, catering the Tri-Kappa Founders Day Dinner. I always enjoy wowing the ladies. Our Venturers worked very well together. Everyone was having fun. Along with the compliments on our chow, I got asked for this recipe. I don't know quite what to call this. I was looking for a light, nutty starch to put alongside beef and asparagus. I decided that the four main ingredients of this one hung together as all being Native American foods; although there's no chance any historic native people could have cooked all these together, since wild rice (Ojibway), pecans (Cherokee, inter alia), and cranberries (Wampanoag, among others) are all North American, while quinoa (Quechua) is from South America. Still, it worked. If anyone has a good name for it, I'm open to suggestions.

Wild Rice and Quinoa

2 1/2 cups chicken stock (I actually used turkey stock)
1/2 cup wild rice
1/2 cup quinoa (I used the white kind)
1/2 cup pecan pieces
1/2 cup dried cranberries

Bring stock to a boil, stir in wild rice.
Lower heat; simmer covered for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Rinse quinoa if necessary (bulk quinoa typically needs to be rinsed; some quinoa comes already cleaned); stir into pot.
Season with salt; continue simmering for 15 more minutes.
When wild rice has opened up, mixture is done; if not quite there, or if mixture is soupy, remove cover and let simmer for maybe 5 more minutes.
Fluff; let cool a bit so pecans won't be mushy and cranberries gummy.
Stir in pecans and cranberries (or sprinkle on top after portioning).

Serves 6 as a side dish.

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