aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

For those hunkering down to face the wrath of Wilma

A capital ship for an ocean trip
was the walloping Window Blind,
No wind that blew dismayed the crew,
nor troubled the captain's mind.
The man at the wheel was made to feel
contempt for the wildest blow-ow-ow:
though it after appeared when the storm had cleared
that he'd been in his bunk below.
Chorus: Then blow ye winds, heigh-ho,
a-roving I will go.
I'll stay no more on England's shore,
so let the music play-ay-ay.
I'm off for the morning train;
I'll cross the raging main.
I'm off to my love with a boxing glove,
ten thousand miles away.

We'll take the rest of the verses as read. (Or sung.)

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