aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Round, round, get around, I get around

I was up betimes and headed for the hospital this morning. Missed my parishioner having heart surgery, since she was up even earlier than I. But I visited with her family for a while. On the way home, I put gas in the truck, went by the bank, then the post office, and finally wound up at the office. I spent an hour or perhaps an hour and a half doing administrative stuff, and then went home to grab a sandwich.

Sandwich in hand, I went out to the Boy Scout camp. The National Forest wasn't too bad, but it was still kind of scary. I drove the Prius rather than our light-duty truck. It has a lower center of gravity and front-wheel drive.


The Road Less Traveled

Out at camp, I inventoried stuff in the kitchen preparatory to making up my order from the distributor for next weekend's Winter Rendezvous. We're feeding 500 people beef, turkey, hog, rabbit, jambalaya, among other stuff, not to mention the coffee we go through on a winter weekend! That done, I headed back to town. I don't think I ever exceeded 25 mph on Tower Ridge Road.

Back in civilization (or whatever this is), I went by the hospital again and found that my parishioner was out of surgery but the family hadn't been allowed back to see her yet. Good news. I'll catch up with her tomorrow. Then it was back to E-ville, where I dropped in on my rabbit supplier to make sure we were ready for next week.

Some leftover venison chili for supper and some internet time, and I'll be ready for the committee meeting at 6:30 tonight. As my cousin Dusty always said, if the guy in front of you isn't going fast enough, just pull back on the stick and go over.

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