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We had sixteen people representing EFUMC and three of our four scouting units* do Scouting Ministry Training today. We finished off with a thorough Program Review of the congregation and each of the four units. We were at it for nearly five hours (including dinner).

I was very pleased at this turnout of key leaders. This represents a significant step forward for our ministry. A conversation has been -- well, not started, but enhanced. Several participants expressed appreciation for the value of what they had learned. People who didn't know each other, or know each other well, can now begin to talk about their hopes for these important programs. The congregation will be better able to make use of scouting to make disciples of Jesus Christ. The scouters will be more connected to resources from the congregation. A new generation of leaders will, I hope, begin to claim this important ministry in the life of our congregation.

I have wanted to do this sort of thing for a long time. In the end, bringing people together and getting this sort of networking going is very much what "equipping the saints to do ministry" is about. I had feared that it might be a bust doing it on a playoff weekend right after Christmas, but the folks turned out and stayed at it, and I couldn't be happier.

Put this one in the W column.

*Cub Pack 129, Boy Scout Troop 119, Venturing Crew 119; our Junior Girl Scout leader was called to work out of town and sent her regrets)

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