aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Cowabunga, haters

When the latest Crap Sandwich, a.k.a. the Fiscal Cliff Deal, finally hit his desk, the President was already on vacation (again). He directed that it be signed by auto-pen.

You know, back in WW II, when Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt were trying to plan a face-to-face conference, FDR told Stalin he couldn't meet in the interior of Russia because Congress was in session and he was constitutionally required to be able to respond to legislation with his own signature. He thus couldn't put himself beyond the ability to physically transport documents back and forth in the ten-day period allowed for in the Constitution.

So, how is this auto-pen signature legal? (For that matter, how is a revenue bill that originates in the Senate legal? cf. Article I, Section 7, U.S. Constitution) Of course, nobody cares, least of all our constitutional lawyer-in-chief. And, goodness knows, we can't expect him to inconvenience himself and stay on the job for one more day when the beaches are calling.

The race-baiters say that to call this man lazy is racist. For what it's worth, I don't think Obama's lazy, just contemptuous of persons, institutions, or laws that stand in his way.

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