aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Cheffy thoughts

Jenhangir Mehta went home from The Next Iron Chef tonight. He was my favorite going in. Still, I thought his cooking was kind of lackluster this time around. He didn't show the joy, the flair I remember from his previous run.

Meanwhile, Nate Appleman has become a nicer person all around. He was obnoxious before. He has learned to doubt himself. He shows an ability to reflect on his own work and judge others' more fairly. I like him.

Marcel Vigneron is an ass. He's hot right now, and his food is exciting, but he's an immature jerk. I would not like seeing him compete in Kitchen Stadium, and I do not wish him well in this competition.

Alex Guarneschelli seems to stay in the middle of the pack all the time, but the middle is rapidly disappearing. I don't know how much longer she can cook just adequate food with the occasional star turn. She risks being knocked off at any time.

That leaves Amanda Freitag. She can obviously cook. She's doing a lot of really good food. But she always seems to me to be on the verge of disaster. Things like splitting a cheese or handling a can opener frustrate her. I think she gets thrown when she has to compete with stuff that is new to her.

So, who do I think will make it all the way? I see a final between Nate Appleman and Alex Guarneschelli, and I think Appleman is in the driver's seat.

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