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Family Camp Do-over

With great reluctance, I wound up canceling last summer's Family Camp at Temple Hills. I was urged to do so by the very people signed up to go, who were worried over how I was recovering from my gall bladder surgery. When I canceled I told them -- especially the kids -- that I owed them a trip. This weekend, we had that trip.

In the end, there were eight of us: myself and two moms (Amy & Julie), three teens (Neely, Abby, and Matthew), and two young'uns (Logan and Ian). We left Friday morning shortly after 9:00 a.m. and drove over to Wilderstead. I wanted them to see the cabin and grounds in the daylight, since people are often uncomfortable arriving someplace in the dark. We had lunch and then headed over to Cincinnati.

We had reservations at the Cincinnati Museum Center. We did three museums in just under three hours. It was great, but tiring. We then went out to eat at Frisch's. Then it was back to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. Julie and Amy felt all chills and thrills over the Scrolls; the younger folk responded according to their capacity. After seeing the Scrolls, we went back to the cabin and settled in for the evening.

It was a chilly evening, but not too bad. Still, several of the people along had never camped before. Not even in a cabin. In the morning, I usually just fire up the space heater to knock the chill off the cabin and fix breakfast before cleaning up to go; however, I figured we would have a bunch of non-moving, grumpy people if I just did that, so I got the fire going in the wood burning stove before they got up. We had our breakfast in a toasty environment.

Then it was off to Cincy again, this time to the Zoo. The Zoo was wonderful, but there was a lot of acreage to cover. Ian and Logan were pretty tired at the end. They gave up while we did the last few critters.

After the Zoo, we went by Jungle Jim's. Amy said, okay, but what's the deal? It's just a grocery store, right? I think she was more in awe of Jungle Jim's after seeing it than of the Dead Sea Scrolls. We bought some hot sauces and cookies and then boogied on down the intersnake for home. All in all, it was a great little trip.


We're here!

Our cabin at Wilderstead



Ian is full of zip


Ready for anything



Is he still there?

Cincinnati Museum Center


Settling in

Abby, Julie, Amy, at Wilderstead


Gorillas in the mist

Logan and Ian at the Zoo


Zoo Greeter

This cat was roaming free and looking for love at the Zoo


Lounge Lizard

Neely meets a powerful guy


Oh, them lions they can eat my body

White lions


I think the weather's just fine, thank you

Polar bear


Yes, Amy, it really exists

Amy had seen a picture of an Okapi and wondered if it was real

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