aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The Deerslayer

I told Deanne this morning that I think I need to buy a gun. I have three reasons.

First, our economic situation in retirement makes hunting to supply ourselves with food more than a hobby. I've never been a hunter, so this would be a big adjustment for me, but it's important to provide for my family, and I can learn.

Second, while not a huge deal, there is some protection value in having a firearm to hand, given that we will be living in the boonies. I am not seriously thinking we'll have widespread civil disorder in the near future, but it's always a possibility if the hard times continue. (Since the same weapon may not fit both uses, I might have to buy a second gun some time.)

Third, joining the National Society of Bitter Clingers would give me some emotional satisfaction. I've never thought gun ownership important to my sense of self, but perhaps in an increasingly hostile culture, it would be a way of flying my flag, and saying, "I caucus with those guys." I'm also not one of those who have obsessed about liberals trying to take away our guns, but I'm thinking that if I'm going to buy a weapon, I'd better get after it while it is still relatively easy to buy one.

In case you're wondering, Deanne enthusiastically agreed.

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