aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Election Day thoughts

I've never been a Mitt Romney fan, but he's growing on me. I have been impressed with his steadiness, his focus during this campaign. He means to succeed. That's a good thing. However, when all is said and done, all I asked of the opposition was that they would choose somebody who didn't utterly embarrass me to vote for; I decided to vote against Barack Obama a long time ago.

why? Well, debt and deficits and general incompetence for one thing. Amateurism and arrogance in foreign policy for another. The corruption and high-handedness, number three. Even without an ideological axe to grind, I find Obama to be the worst President of my lifetime, passing Jimmy Carter and heading for depths we haven't seen since James Buchanan.

But I also have to be honest about my ideological allegiances. I find the political philosophy now called Progressivism to be morally objectionable. I would call it so, even when it accomplishes things I would consider good; hey, they used to say of Mussolini that at least he made the trains run on time.

Progressivism is a utopian ideology that in the end considers ideas more important than people. It has a set of slogans that it is determined to make true at the cost of however much suffering it has to inflict on its citizens, and when it has been proven false it just doubles down and ruins some more lives in order to prove that it was right all along. Progressivism is what Gandalf or Galadriel would have turned into if either had taken the Ruling Ring to oneself: each would have started out using one's vast new powers to improve people's lives, but would have ended forcing people to be happy on their overlord's terms.

Progressivism knows no fixed limits, it twists words to mean whatever it needs them to mean to get what it wants. Humpty-Dumpty is the ultimate Progressive Supreme Court Justice: a word means whatever he wants it to mean; the only question is which is to be master. And Progressivism is all about mastery, not freedom.

So, whether we turn Obama out for his incompetence or his successes, it makes no odds to me. You can call him a failure and get somebody who knows what he's doing, or admit that he's succeeded in his desire to entrap us in slavery to the State and get rid of him to free the nation, but it amounts to the same thing. O must go.

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